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VOLKSWAGEN: Amarok, Tiguan and Touareg

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A legend that just keeps going

From the early 1930s the Beetle helped define the Volkswagen brand as that of an automaker capable of tempting customers from all over the world into buying exceptional cars. Its legend has continued unabated up to the present time based on a simple but sensible strategy of making innovation accessible to everyone.

Prestige and innovation for everyone

Year in, year out, Volkswagen manages to deliver something special: the first synchro system with the Passat, the VR6 engine in the Golf, the TSI direct injection engine, the TDI diesel engine, DSG dual clutch gearbox, Park Assist and Lane Assist technologies, etc. The brand uses this progress to provide motorists with the latest benefits of enhanced performance as well as safety, cost efficiency and respect for the environment.

BlueMotion: where good sense meets passion

Volkswagen’s BlueMotion program uses the latest technological innovations to generate better eco-performance and higher savings for motorists through TDI particle filter engines, tailored gearboxes, adapted tires, optical aerodynamics, etc. This approach to innovation and progress should satisfy even the most die-hard perfectionists!